John Garey's Road to Vegas

John Garey decided he is going to compete in a Physique show in Vegas on November 5th, 22016 and we are helping him reach his goal by scanning his body every month to measure his changes. He wants to show others that its never too late to make fitness goals and it's definitely never too late to change your body.

In the video, we explain different aspects of the results sheet printed after John scanned and show all the specifics of where John is and where he wants to be by the time his competition comes up.  Watch the video to see where he started!

A Doctor's explanation of results

Dr. Jeralyn Brossfield explains the InBody 570 results sheet in great detail, so everyone can use the information in their best interest. She starts from the top of the page and goes through the how and why of the information printed based on the person being scanned.

If you have any questions regarding the results sheet, this video will answer most of your questions. If there is an additional question that was not covered, we would be very happy to answer your question. Book an appointment to come in and get scanned today!

InBody in Los Angeles Lakers Training Facility

Gary Vitti, Los Angeles Lakers' Athletic Trainer, uses the InBody to show his athletes the importance of knowing detailed information about their bodies. Not only knowing about your own body, but also the bodies of your fellow teammates and how they can be an overall better team.

By being a professional athlete, they need to be the best of the best. Gary describes how not knowing exact numbers can be setrimental and by measuring how benefical it can be. Watch the video to see Gary explain the uses in facility!