My Body Stats is a service that will come to your gym, studio, or company to accurately measure your muscle mass, body fat, overall health, and much more without the inconvienence. 


My Body Stats uses a BIA (Bioeletrical Impedence Analysis) called InBody 570 to measure various aspects of your body.  My Body Stats will measure exactly what your body is made of and what percentage is water, bones, fat, and muscle, so you can set your long term and short term health goals.  We will also keep track of your progress, so you don't have to worry about losing your results sheet. Just put n your info and it will all be there. See you all soon! 


My Body Stats can accurately measure and track your body composition in several ways.

  • Body Mass Index
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Body Fat Mass
  • Percent Body Fat
  • Weight
  • Segmental Muscle Analysis allows you to clearly understand your muscle distribution and where you need to focus on muscle development (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg)
  • Segmental Fat Analysis allows you clearly understand fat distribution (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg)
  • Graphs allow you clearly track your progress through time
  • Intercellular Water/Extracellular Water/Total Body Water
  • Dry Lean Mass
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Visceral Fat Level
  • Impedance at each segment/frequency